Students’ Perspective Towards to Bologna Process and Employability (Case Study of Bulgaria)


Bologna Process, higher education institutions, graduate employability, youth labour market.

The problem of youth unemployment is a global issue. This article discuss in depth the youth unemployment problem. It analyses the characteristics, causes, and consequences of graduate unemployment and examines its relationship to the Bologna Process. A qualitative research has been done with focus group discussions of Bachelor and Master Degree students. The study explores the nature of the labour market for higher education graduates and the main obstacles that youth face on their journey from education to employment. The study aims to determine whether graduate unem¬ployment is a result of shortage of jobs, skills, or lack of coordination. It includes recommendations for involving the government, the managing bodies of higher education institutions as well as employers and career service offices in order to overcome youth unemployment.

JEL: A22, A23, I23, I28, J24
Pages: 19
Price: 2 Points

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