Economy and Society: Highlights


New economy; state and market regulation; individuals and society

The pattern of the economic system has undergone dramatic changes over the past century, especially in terms of global markets. Golden standards are now part of the history. The US dollar has been an international monetary unit since 1944. Sixty years later, the Euro appeared. The trend in the development of economic processes indicates that future global markets will be the product of the national currencies of the countries with the most advanced economies. This trend is promoted by the process of globalization. On the other hand, state intervention in the economy will be indispensable in near future. Not only is there room for such intervention, but the need to intervene is growing more and more immediate. However, it is people who have an essential role to the development of the economy, since no economic system could exist without people. It is people who breathe life to the economy. Economy was invented by people for the sake of people, i.e. to provide for their existence. Hence, the focus of economy must be on people. It is the economy which should exist in favour of people, not people who should exist in favour of the economy.

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