Financial Science in Changing Europe Challenges and Perspectives


Financial Science, Department of Finance and Credit

With the celebration of the 65th anniversary of the first Bulgarian academic department of financial sciences (07 08 April 2017) at D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics Svishtov, a worthy assessment has been given and there has been a debate about what has been built over the years, what the current challenges and perspectives for future development are. The International Scientific Practical Conference Current Challenges for the Financial Science in Changing Europe was attended by Bulgarian and foreign scholars, working in the field of finance, as well as representatives of financial practice. One hundred and four people from seven countries and two continents, with ninety-two papers on corporate finance, investment, public finance, banking and micro-financial policy took part in the scientific forum. The host department prepared six plenary papers by its representatives of six hierarchical levels of academic development: students, PhD students, assistants professors, head assistants, associate professors and professors.

JEL: 11, G10, G20, G30
Pages: 11
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